Sunday, January 12, 2014

Two More Feet

We are still here! I haven't had time to blog for awhile. After we moved we had 2 kids birthday parties, Christmas, my grandma passed away and through all this I haven't been feeling well because...

I am finally moving out of the First Trimester fog and hoping to update again soon!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Move Part 2

 We are finally settled into our new home! Whew! What a process. I don't need to move again for another 20 years. First before we get to the new house I wanted to document for our family memories the rental house we were in. 

 We only lived here for six months but it was a memorable few months! Some things we will miss:
The turkeys and deer in the backyard every day
The  neighborhood friends that Kyla made
The location was close to everything
Having a very small house to clean
The HUGE yard and playroom

Some things we will NOT miss:
The "vintage" wallpaper
The whole family getting the stomach flu twice
Boogers dried to the wall in every room
The kids sharing a bedroom
No garage space

And now on to the move. I didn't get a lot of pictures of the actual move because well we were just too busy! Jayden made it hard to get anything done. We pack a box..he takes it all out. He did enjoy riding his little car down the ramp of the trailer. We took several trips over a week to get everything to the new house.

We are LOVING life here. The fall colors are absolutely amazing. There is rarely any traffic on our road so the kids and dogs play right in the street.

 The kids watching Chris excavate all our dirt.
 Here is just a touch of the mess we had to put was a lot of work. I actually threw my back out on the process..not fun!

But we are finally feeling somewhat settled. Can't find anything or remember where we put it but at least we can see the floors.  We still have plenty of projects such as painting, putting in our built in cabinets in the entryway, living room. etc but those are  all winter projects for Eric.

  The dogs have made themselves at home. The hard part for them is that we really don't have a yard yet so we have to walk them everytime they need to go out. Yesterday Andre decide to run from the street all the way through the front yard which was pure mud and hydroseed. Mud up to his elbows.

 Jayden has also made himself at home. He loves the new fridge and that he can push buttons to make the water work.

 A sneak peek into the kids rooms. We are still waiting on furniture for Kyla's room .

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Kyla started Preschool this year. She absolutely loves it! A few weeks before school started we visited for the Ice Cream Social. She was excited to find her locker and see her new classroom.

Her actual first day of school I was able to join her for a hour and do a shortened morning with her.


 Daddy came to visit and wish her a good day! 


 Hey its my name!

Afterward we met daddy and Jayden for a donut. I think she picked the biggest one there and almost ate the whole thing!
She can't get enough of school and wishes she could go everyday.

Labor Day Weekend

Trying to catch up on post from summer here! We had a low key end to summer. The weekend before Labor Day we did our annual Whitecaps game with the Schippers. Always an adventure when we take the kids!
 Cotton Candy!
 Watching the fireworks with gramps

Before the game my talented sister in law took a bunch of pictures of all the kiddos.
She got some great shots!

 Schippers Cousins: Jayden, Josiah, Owen, Kyla, Alex and Cameron
 The two that started all these little blessings...

Labor Day Weekend was beautiful and we soaked up every moment! On Saturday night Eric and I finally had time to join some friends for a boat ride out to Boatwerks! Such a fun date night.

On Sunday we spent the day at mom and dad Skips. The first year without the pool so the kids had to make their own fun. I think grandpa might of had a bit of fun too.
 Sunday night we headed to the beach. It was pretty chilly but we still swam and made a few sandcastles.
Monday morning we visited the Truck Parade downtown Holland. Jayden loved all the trucks.

Monday afternoon we met my dad at the beach for lunch. The kids had fun playing in the sand even though it was a little cool. Sad to say goodbye to summer!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

House Update-September

Our house has come along way in the past few months! 
 They trimmed out the whole house and started the kitchen this past week.

 Hoping for countertops this week and then painting the trim and another coat on the walls.
 Living room
 Playroom upstairs
 Master Bath
 Oh Jayden...the mud and drywall mess is your paradise!
 The kids have already made great friends and love to play when we stop over for a visit. Can't wait to move in so we can play everyday!